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Siegel Gestalt Marketing Can Help You Build Your Business!

There are two ways to grow your business: one, bring in new customers; two, get your existing customers to buy more of your products and/or services. 
New residents to a neighborhood are a fantastic new customer resource because they are actively looking for their new “favorite” local businesses, including drycleaners, car washes, beauty salons, and especially restaurants.  Siegel Gestalt Marketing, working with the direct promotion specialists at Moving Targets, can target new residents by custom trade area and mail them personalized offers.  We do all the work, from copywriting and design to printing and mailing… and there are no minimums or contracts!
Want to give your existing customers a reason to shop and entice new customers to check your business out?  Send them a Gift Certificate for their birthday!  Everyone opens a birthday card delivered during a birthday month, so your promotion is sure to be read and highly likely to be used.  We can mail to your existing in-house birthday mailing list and/or to our contact list of customers celebrating birthdays every month that live near your business.  Once again, we do all the work and there is never a contract or minimum.
Don’t have time and personnel to send out e-mail offers and deal every day with Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and all the new social media that seem to sprout up overnight?  Let us make your life easier!  For a reasonable monthly rate, we’ll make the Internet work for you.
And, if you want to go back to basic loyalty programs, let Siegel Gestalt Marketing design a “Frequent Buyer Program” especially for your particular business.
Please contact Larry Siegel at Siegel Gestalt Marketing at (818) 241-3042 for a FREE 30-MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION and discover new ways to build your business.

SYNERGY: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.   

Gestalt Marketing insures that all the "parts" of your business are properly primed to give the greatest marketing "sum."

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