About Siegel Gestalt Marketing

With more than three decades of diverse business experience, Larry Siegel, founder of Siegel Gestalt Marketing, brings a unique perspective to assisting clients with their marketing, advertising and promotional needs — he looks at ALL aspects of a company affected by the projects on which he works.  This “gestalt” approach insures that projects are custom-tailored to the specific client and that maximum value is attained from the results.

Establishing his marketing consultation firm in 1992, Larry originally worked extensively with entrepreneurial manufacturers in the gift and stationery industry. Over the years, he put a “consumer” spin on his expertise in order to lend support to independent retailers, arts festivals, restaurants and other small businesses, many of them family-owned.   In addition, for more than 12 years Larry wrote about successful retailers in the “Store Scene” column for Greetings etc. Magazine

Clients working with Siegel Gestalt Marketing deal directly with Larry.  His hands-on approach means he is aware of the specified requirements on each and every project.   For creative assignments, he is both copywriter and graphic designer, thereby eliminating the miscommunication typically found between intra-agency departments.  In effect, Siegel Gestalt Marketing can serve as a company’s full-service ad agency and a one-stop “marketing department,” creating everything from advertisements and direct mail pieces to promotions and loyalty programs.

SYNERGY: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.   

Gestalt Marketing insures that all the "parts" of your business are properly primed to give the greatest marketing "sum."

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